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  • Korea National
    Institute of Health

    • Department of research
      planning and coordination

      • Division of Research Planning
      • Division of Research Support
      • Division of General Affairs
    • Department of Precision

      • Division of Bio Bigdata
      • Division of Biobank
      • Division of Population Health Research
      • Division of Genome Science
      • Division of Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence
    • Department of chronic
      disease convergence

      • Division of Cardiovascular Disease Research
      • Division of Brain Disease Research
      • Division of Endocrine and Kidney Disease Research
      • Division of Allergy and Respiratory Disease Research
      • Division of Intractable Disease Research
      • Division of Regenerative Medicine Safety Control
  • National Institute
    of Infectious Diseases

    • Division of Infectious Diseases
      Research Planning

    • Center for Emerging
      Virus Research

      • Division of Emerging Virus·Vector Research
      • Division of Acute Viral Diseases
      • Division of Chronic Viral Diseases
      • Division of Clinical Research
    • Center for Infectious
      Disease Research

      • Division of Bacterial Disease Research
      • Division of Zoonotic and Vector Borne Disease Research
      • Division of Antimicrobial Resistance Research
    • Center for Vaccine

      • Division of Vaccine Development Coordination
      • Division of Infectious Disease Vaccine Research
      • Division of Pathogen Resource Management
      • Division of Vaccine Clinical Research
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