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In an effort to increase convenience for researchers who require human bioresources, and to increase accessibility to these bioresources, the National Biobank of Korea is operating Human Biobank Information System_Desk (HuBIS_Desk), a web portal for human bioresources distribution

Through the Distribution Desk of the Korea Biobank Network, researchers can search directly for required human bioresources online, apply for distribution, and check progress after making an application.

User Guide

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1. Researcher Registration After the lead researcher (according to the research plan) has registered, log in using an official certificate (NPKI/GPKI); 2. Human Resource Search/Enquiry Confirm the availability of required resources for distribution through an online/telephone consultation or, alternatively, use the “Human Resource Search” menu to search for the current status of resources distributed by the KBN 3. Task Registration In the “Distribution Application” menu, register the research task on the Detailed View by selecting: Task > Task Registration and Amendment page 4. Compilation and Uploading of Distribution Application Documents Compile the distribution application documents directly online or upload attachable documents 5. Complete Submission, If no problems are encountered, the HuBIS_Desk operator confirms the documents and completes the submission