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Kangwon National University Hospital

Kangwon National University Hospital

Hospital Introduction

Kangwon National University Hospital Photo & Logo

KNUH conducts treatment and research for the health of the nation, fostering a spirit of devotion and cooperation. The hospital aims to lead the medical industry by providing the highest level of treatment for cancer, cardiovascular, brain, rare, and intractable diseases that are common in Korean patients. Specialist medical personnel provide the best possible treatment. The hospital develops new treatment methods through intermediary and convergence research, provides hope to patients and their families, and strives to become a hospital worthy of the nation’s pride.

Bank Introduction

Kangwon National University Hospital Photo

KNUH Regional Biobank collects and distributes human bioresources to help create the foundation for the advancement of biological science technology and eradication of disease. For the effective collection and management of human bioresources, the Biobank utilizes systematic and approved methods. The Biobank endeavors to collect bioresources that are suited to diverse external demands as well as provide distribution that assists studies on the causes of a disease and viable treatment methods.
The KNUH Biobank was selected as a Regional Biobank in 2009, a year after the KBN system was established. KNUH Biobank provides the collection and distribution of human bioresources, selecting geriatric diseases, cancer, and lung and respiratory system diseases as the main collection areas. In 2014, COPD, dementia, and lymphoreticular system diseases were selected as specific diseases to be targeted for collection.


  • February 2009: Selection as a Regional Biobank
  • August 2009: Completion of construction and commencement of Regional Biobank facilities operations
  • December 2010: Donation of dementia biospecimens to the KLOSCAD Project
  • March 2011: MOU agreement with Scripps Korea Antibody Institute
  • June 2011: Hosting of the 2nd Kangwon National University Hospital Regional Biobank Symposium
  • June 2012: Hosting of the 3rd Kangwon National University Hospital Regional Biobank Symposium
  • September 2012: Participation in the Gangwon Bio Expo (Kangwon NUH Biobank publicity)
  • March 2013: Joint hosting of an international research symposium with the Gangwon Cancer Center
  • April 2014: Hosting of the 4th Kangwon National University Hospital Regional Biobank Symposium · Interview with the radio
    show “Seeing the World” – biobank introduction and publicity
  • May 2014: Commencement of the broadcasting of the Regional Biobank publicity video within the hospital

Current Status of Biospecimens

Taking into account the regional and demographic characteristics of Gangwon Province, the biobank selected geriatric diseases, cancer, and respiratory disorders as specific illnesses for collection. Targeting over 60 diseases, including dementia, osteoporosis, COPD, and various cancers, as of October 2013, biospecimens from approximately 9,000 people had been collected.

Projects and Distribution Results

From 2009 to the present, distribution has been provided for a total of 41 studies, including 18 studies related to various cancers, eight studies on respiratory disorders, six studies on osteoporosis, three studies on inflammatory diseases, one study on cataracts, and five studies on diseases of the digestive system. The studies receiving biospecimens from the Kangwon NUH Biobank have proceeded to publish over nine research articles in domestic and foreign journals.

Public Relations and Future Plans

Every year, a symposium is held for researchers in order to remind them of the necessity of appropriate human resource research in accordance with the Bioethics and Safety Act, to encourage them to actively use the biobank for distribution and resource donation and, concurrently, to inform the researchers who use human biospecimens of the generous spirit of the donors. In addition, a publicity video that targets providers, in other words hospital users who provide human biospecimens, is regularly broadcast within the hospital. Through the distribution of leaflets, it is emphasized that donated specimens are a valued resource for research and contribute to the future advancement of medicine.
Since 2014, the Kangwon NUH Biobank has selected geriatric diseases, cancer, and respiratory disorders as major diseases for collection and, of these, is particularly targeting COPD, dementia, and lymphoreticular system diseases. Through cooperation with the Kangwon NUH Respiratory System Center, the Gangwon Cancer Center, the Environmental Health Center, and other research projects, the biobank aims to contribute to investigating the cause of diseases by collecting samples and clinical information from not only Gangwon-do residents, but also residents of other nearby regions, and also aims to develop new treatment techniques.

Contact Us

  • Address: 156 Baengnyeong-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea (200-722)
  • Tel: 033-258-2107
  • Fax: 033-258-2021
  • E-mail: knuhbiobank@knuh.or.kr