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Operating Structure

Operating Structure

Korea biobank Project


National Biobank of Korea (NBK)

The national biobank is operated by the Division of Biobank for Health Sciences at NIH of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is responsible for the collection, management, and distribution of population-based biospecimens based on large collaborations, such as those collected from the CDC’s collaborative projects, including the Korea National Health and Nutrition Survey. NBK is at the center of the KBN, which comprises 17 Regional Biobanks located indifferent university hospitals across the country. NBK also serves as a national human bioresource management hub, providing support for the operation of Regional Biobanks.
※ Email: biobank@korea.kr

Biobank Coordinating Center (BCC)

Affiliated with the NBK, the BCC is responsible for the distribution, consultation, and control of biobanks, with the aim of providing a more convenient and efficient method for researchers to access human bioresources via any of the 17 Regional Biobanks affiliated with the KBP. It oversees the operation of the Distribution Desk of the Korea Biobank Network, a one-stop distribution service.
※ Email: biobank@korea.kr

Regional Biobanks

These biobanks are located in many public and private university hospitals. They have been granted approval as Human Material Banks in accordance with Article 41 of the Bioethics and Safety Act. They also operate with the support of grants from the Ministry of Health and Welfare. They are responsible for the collection, storage, and distribution of human bioresources taken from patients visiting the hospital for treatment of tumorous diseases, such as gastric, colon, and liver cancer, as well as non-tumorous types, such as hypertension, diabetes, and asthma.

Committee of the KBN

Consisting of individuals responsible for the operations of Regional Biobanks, the Committee is in charge of proposing and discussing policies and cooperation among Regional Biobanks.

KBN-Collaborative Biobanks

These biobanks are located in hospitals that have forged a cooperative agreement with NIH to share the KBN Biobank operating system. They collect, store, and distribute human bioresources related to specific diseases to individual hospitals.