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The Korea Biobank Project (KBP) was initiated in 2008 with the goal of building an infrastructure for supporting the health sciences and related industries in Korea. Toward this goal, the project intended to establish a network of biobanks and implement the systematic collection, management, and distribution of biospecimens among researchers.

Korea Biobank Project Phase 3
Distribution consultation via the call center(ARS +82-1661-9070) exceeds 2,000 calls
Establishment of the Serum working bank
Sample processing fees are charged
The Premade Datasets are available for fast access and distribution
Establishment of the DNA working bank
NBK body fluid samples are opened to distribute
Distribution consultation via the call center(ARS +82-1661-9070) exceeds 1,000 calls
The third phase of the KBP (2016–2020) is launched
Object-oriented disease biobank project is initiated
HUBIS_Desk is upgraded
Human bioresources are opened to the industry
Korea Biobank Project Phase 2
HuBIS_Sam, disseminated to the non-KBN biobanks
KNIH Central Biorepository for institutional biobanking services is launched
Human Biobank Information System_Desk (HuBIS_Desk), a web portal for human bioresource distribution, is launched
Launching of Phase 2 of the KBP
Opening of the Biobank Coordinating Center (BCC)
Designation of 2 KBN-Collaborative Biobanks
- Masan National Hospital
- Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences
Korea Biobank Project Phase 1
Opening of the building for the National Biobank of Korea (NBK) at Osong
Acquisition of human bioresources from 500,000 Korean participants (As of Dec. 12)
Renaming of the Central Biobank to NBK
Designation of 4 additional Regional Biobanks
- Inje University Busan-Paik Hospital
- Jeju National University Hospital
- Korea University Guro Hospital
- Ajou University Hospital
Designation of the Central Biobank as a competent authority in the field of health and medicine in accordance with the『 Act on the Acquisition, Management, and Utilization of Bio-Resources for Research 』
Start of the construction of the Central Biobank building
Designation of 1 Regional Biobank
- Seoul National University Hospital
Development of Human Biobank Information System_Sample (HuBIS_Sam)
Designation of 4 additional Regional Biobanks
- Kangwon National University Hospital
- Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center
- Wonkwang University School of Medicine and Hospital
- Chungbuk National University Hospital
Launching of Phase 1 of the KBP
Founding of the Central Biobank
Designation of 8 Regional Biobanks
- Kyungpook National University Hospital
- Gyeongsang National University Hospital
- Pusan National University Hospital
- Asan Medical Center
- Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital Bucheon
- Chonbuk National University Hospital
- Chungnam National University Hospital
- Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital
Initiation Phase
Establishment of the『 National Human Bioresources Collection, Management, and Use Master Plan 』
Composition of the KBP task force team
Start of the distribution of human bioresources to Korean researchers
Establishment of a genetic resource management facility affiliated with the Center for Genome Sciences, National Research Institute of Health (NIH)
Start of the collection of human bioresources from population-based cohorts