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Clinical Research and Trial Management System(iCReaT)

The iCReaT (http://icreat.nih.go.kr) is a web-based clinical research management system. It provides management programs relating to protocols, subjects, data, and reporting. We also support iCReaT users to apply the system, and to improve clinical data quality, by giving them advice on eCRF(electronic Case Report Form) design and protocol development. The iCReaT was developed from July 2009 to September 2010 and was made available to domestic researchers in October 2010. We have actively publicized the iCReaT to researchers and have conducted both regular and research-based training for those who want to use it. The training program consists of an online basic course and an off-line 5-day advanced course. The iCReaT system has been used for 66 research projects since October 2010 and approximately 1,336 researchers have been trained to manage clinical data using iCReaT (as of December 31, 2015). We have signed the Memorandum of Understanding or agreements with 14 hospitals or institutions to build cooperative relationships for the use of iCReaT, and the iCReaT was used in 28 research projects. In addition, two institutions were licensed to use iCReaT. Furthermore, the use of iCReaT has been recommended for certain types of clinical studies (e.g., stem cell research) based on the 2015 grant guidelines designated and released by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.